What You Missed At The Life Of Bebe Cool Concert

From the day he announced the concert of his life in February this year, Uganda’s Reggae and Ragga artiste Big Size Bebe Cool did not leave all the preparations to be done by the manager. He personally was involved in making ends meet so that his concert would be the best.

All the hard work done aimed at the concert’s success was manifested last Friday night at Kampala Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall where the highly anticipated Life Of Bebe Cool concert was held amid an overwhelming number of fans from all corners of Uganda and the mother land Africa.


Revellers having cocktail.

With revellers strolling in the hall as early as 7 pm, the night was bound to be a splendid one and it indeed started off as one  when Allan Kendrick, (Bebe Cool’s first born) curtain raised his dad performing his ‘Omukwano Gwo’ song.


Revellers had a red carpet treat


Bebe Cool’s first born Allan Hendrick Ssali curtain raised his father.


Fans came to support their artiste Bebe Cool

When the main act took centre stage dressed in coat, a white shirt, black pants and a pair of brown boots, the crowd couldn’t help but ulutate while others opted to applaud the singer. The ‘Kabulengane’ singer didnt waste a single second but began his 3 hours and 40 minutes performance.


Bebe Cool put up a good performance


That time when Bebe Cool joined the back up singers

He began performing songs like ‘Fire Burn Dem’, ‘Fire Anthem’, ‘Chemical Reaction’ ‘Big Size’ ‘Lonely’, ‘Bamugambe’, ‘Omanye’ and after invited his personal pal and singer, Chizo who performed a song dubbed ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, as he took a short break.


Life of Bebe Cool’s concert was well attended


Bebe Cool’s personal friend and singer Chizo performing to the revellers.

In part two he came back dressed in a pair of white sneakers, black pants, a t-shirt and performed more songs like ‘Trouble’ but during this session, he kept on sharing his hard life experiences like getting shot 4 times, surviving a bomb blast, getting involved in nasty accidents but still couldn’t give up on music because God told him that he shouldn’t let Bobi Wine and Chameleone take the lead.

be 25

The Life Of Bebe Cool concert filled Serena Hotel to capacity



Bebe Cool had a time to remember the late Mandela as he performed


Katsha De Bank (left) dancing as Bebe Cool performed

He performed more songs like ‘Trust No People’, ‘Taata’, ‘Talimba Yesu’ and a collabo ‘Praise God’ alongside his pal and manager Tickie Tah and later did ‘Bafudde’. He took another break, giving chance for singer Catherine Kusasira who performed her ‘Enkola Ya Taxi’ hit. Part 3 saw Bebe Cool’s daughter Beata show case her singing and piano playing skills.


Tickie Tah and Bebe Cool performing ‘Praise God’


singer and veteran in Uganda’s music industry Catherine Kusasira performed too

She mimed Adele’s ‘Hello’ and Sinach’s ‘I Know Who I Am’, this really threw the crowd into frenzy and some fans were heard appreciating the young girl’s talent. Among them was South African based business man and socialite Katsha De Bank who rewarded her with multi 10 thousand shillings notes as the crowd cheered loudly.


Bebe Cool holding the microphone for his daughter Beata as she showcased her singing and piano playing skills


Katsha De Bank gave Bebe Cool’s daughter money in form of appreciation


These women decided to dance their excitement away

Later Bebe Cool resumed his performance with ‘Freedom’, ‘Love You Every Day’ alongside Steve Keys, ‘African Girl’, ‘Nasalawo’, ‘Kasepiki’, ‘Burning’, ‘Make The World Dance’, ‘Coccidiosis’ and ‘Sweet Banana’ alongside Chizo.


Bebe Cool amd Steve Keys performing ‘Love You Every Day’


Some of the revellers in the ordinary section dancing to the beats

He took another short break and that’s when Diaspora based Myco Chris took stage and excited the crowd performing ‘Zino Enaku’. Bebe Cool came back in the fourth and final part and performed ‘Byebeyo’, ‘Wha Kinda’ before he called upon South Africa’s Miss Patty Monroe who was the guest performer. Together they did their ‘Killin It’ collabo which got many fans dancing, swinging and swaying in excitement. He did ‘Ki Ekiganye’ and finally performed the fans’ favourite and hit ‘Kabulengane’ that got the whole crowd thrilled.


Diaspora based Myco Chris performing ‘Zino Enaku’


All the way from South Africa, the Guest performer Miss Patty Monroe was simply flawless


Bebe Cool and Miss Patty Monroe performing their ‘Killin It’ collabo.

He was joined on stage by NTV’s Sheillah Gashumba and Winnie Nwagi who shook what their mamas gave them as the fans cheered along. The concert was truly well attended in both the VVIP and ordinary sections.


Bebe Cool  performing ‘Kabulengane’ as NTV’s Sheillah Gashumba (centre) and Winnie Nwagi shake what their mamas gave them


Sheillah Gashumba dancing to ‘Kabulengane’


Winnie Nwagi wowed the crowd especially men when as she danced to ‘Kabulengane’

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