When Africa Laughs Season 4 Served An Unforgettable Rib-Cracking Experience

The Africa Laughs Season 4 left definitely many ribs cracked over the Independence holiday as the continents star comedians conspired to tickle Ugandans on the eve of Uganda’s 56th Independence anniversary celebrations leaving majority in stitches after serving a sumptuous 3-hour session of unforgettable standup comedy.

When Patrick Salvado Idringi the man from Ongbokolo who is the brain behind the show announced too the world that, Africa’s top comedians will be descending on upon the country and congregating to torture our ribs, fans rubbed their hands in glee expecting nothing but the best of humour, served hot.

With a line up comprising some of the top dogs in the industry like Basket Mouth (Nigeria), Prof Hamo (Kenya), Kevin J (UK), Alfred Kainga (Zimbabwe), Eddie Kadi (Congo), Mc Jessy (Kenya) and Arthur Nkusi (Rwanda), The FOMO had build to the brim.

The stars jetted in early on Saturday afternoon courtesy of RwandaAir and took rest at the luxurious Speke Apartments while relaxing with some smooth Singleton in preparation for the big day. With our very own home-grown stars Daniel Omara, Prince Emma, Ronnie Mcvex, Agnes Akite and Madrat and Chiko also set to impress, the stage was set for a roller-coaster ride of laughter to welcome the new month and celebrate Uganda’s independence.

Salvado acknowledges the support he has been given by the Ruparelia family represented by Rajiv and wife.

Fasts forward, Monday October 8th being a working day, it forced a delay as most revelers were caught up in the evening rush-hour trying to beat the traffic and make it to Serena to book the best comfortable spots that were also safe just in case one laughed off the seats.

As revellers started streaming in at about 7:00pm, there were worries that perhaps another mega event taking place just uphill could have taken up ‘everyone’. However, it was not to be as 8:30 the time of kick-off, found the Hall almost filled up to capacity.

And when it clocked 8:45pm Mc of the night had to take the crowd through a better way of welcoming the stars with big cheers and applauding as the event was to be recorded for reproduction. After taking the crowd through a vivid ‘training session’ which involved teaching them how to give standing ovations, the stage was set for action.

And what a better way to kick off than to give Omukebete  the winner of the just concluded ‘The Comic’ talent search a chance to showcase what he has up his sleeves. Indeed he proved why he walked away with the overall prize after he produced an impressive package of fresh jokes that revolved around the innocent school child and the challenges of our education system especially to the poor children.

The energetic Emperor Napoleon Emma then brought some more fire as he unleashed jokes based on challenges he faced while growing up in the village and

Having just made 31, the corporate Daniel Omara followed next with jokes about crossing into the third tier as he also went about narrating the challenges he is already facing having made 31 with many people asking the dreaded question of ‘When are you getting married’ and when he will have his own children.

Author Nkusi from neighboring knows one or two things about Uganda and his memorable line was abut Uganda’s music industry which he says has lost all the good guys while the bad ones like Tip Swizzy remain healthy. He then concluded by streaming themes from Ugandan songs that tell stories like is the case with Sheebah’s love songs.

Prof. Hamo from the opposite side of the neighborhood in Kenya, says Ugandans took his to the wives vs husband sex jokes where he confessed he comes from the part of Kenya where men are not good in bed but will compensate by having a fat wallet.

Talking of having a fat wallet, Mat Rat and Chicko brought it down to the common man by illustrating the same inadequacies of men which can be smoothened by use of money as Mat Rat the small one who is minimized by a beautiful lady he admires falls for him after pulling the big notes. She even asks which room number to find him in

Many of the international stars admitted Ugandan women are well endowed and Kenyan Mc Jessy spent most of his time praising their big behinds but nailed it in the end by throwing in a few differences between Kenyans and Ugandans which ended with him mimicking presidents Uhuru Kenyatta and Yoweri Museveni with the latter moving in some kind of slow motion.

It was a full house at Kampala Serena Hotel as Salvado and crew entertained the people.

Agnes Akite has a future in stand-up comedy as she demonstrated to the fans by talking about parenthood and her life as a mother compared to how life was while growing up. Her talkative children being her source of inspiration although jokes about her looks still rule especially her tiny ‘stick’ legs that make her resemble both her parents and therefore qualify her to be the only person that can be addressed as ‘lady and gentleman’

Then Congolese Eddie Kadi changed the theme to growing up abroad as a refugee where he said he in London they lived in Congo in their house and only were in London when they came out of the house.

Arguably the night’s best performer, Zimbabwean Alfred Kainga’s joke about meeting his icon Kevin Hart almost threw everyone off their seats. He had prepared for a meeting with the man he looked up to in the United States and even rehearsed a swaggerific greeting routine but when the special moment finally arrived, the words disappeared and the African in him came out full force and took control as he started speaking in tongues ‘ewoo, ewoo…’ he yelled to the dismay of his guest.

Alfred had a rich array of jokes which he easily rotated from internet jokes to real life experiences that he executed perfectly with the punch lines coming out clearly. In fact if it wasn’t for the little time accorded to him he would have gone on ad on with his all round collection of jokes without boring the crowd.

Slavdo and Basket Mouth cracking the fans at Kampala Serena Hotel on Independence eve.

To conclude the evening’s proceedings was Nigeria’s star man Basket Mouth whose maturity in the industry was evident as he cracked his jokes in a conversational tone as he engaged the audience. Asking the crowd some weird questions, as he painted a picture of the world in ancient times. “Just imagine the people who discovered that we could drink milk from a cow. How many people could have died as they sampled different animals like tigers and lions?” He wondered. He also marveled at the story of King Solomon who had 700 wives and 300 concubines (side chicks) without causing any fracas wondering why our women of today throw tantrums after discovering their man has cheated with only one woman.

In the end, the answer is in being rich and advised men to work hard and get rich so as to treat their women like queens but most importantly so that they can cheat and if caught get away with it by just saying “‘Honey I sent a million dollars in your account, have you seen it?” enough to melt her heart to the extent of forgiving you with words like “Sorry honey for catching you, please you can go ahead and cheat”

The night would not be complete without the host Salvado himself unleashing his cheeky ‘true story’ jokes as he took charge of the second part of the show as MC and he shared an old story of “the days when I used to still drink cheap booze” at Centenary Park which he said after drinking makes you smart, then blank and then memory loss follows.

Levixone joins the comedians on stage after a night of rib=cracking action that left many in stitches.

To cut the long story short, he went through the 3 stages and called for his boda to take him home but instead ended up driving as the boda man guided him but in the middle of the journey forgot it was his boda man following. As he woke up from the slumber he thought thugs were trailing him, so he increased speed and drove to Kiira road police with his boda man in pursuit. After calling for help at the station he then gets out only to see his boda man and asks what he is doing at the station.“Okola Ki Wano”

With Jehovah Shallom Acapella group providing the occasional break and Ronnie McVexx interludes, it was a nonstop journey of rib-cracking roller coaster ride as the sessions closed at half past midnight with Levixone bidding the farewell.



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