When DJ Roja And Slick Stuart Captivated Fans At  Fifth Edition Of Mixtape Party

If you’re a party regular, you are likely to have heard Slick Stuart and Roja’s collabo with King Saha playing at your favorite kafunda. Titled ‘Very Well’, the song has become an instant hit countrywide, a few months after its release.

The hit song was a crowd favorite on Friday night at the fifth edition of the annual Mixtape Party headlined by dynamic duo deejays, Slick Stuart and Roja.

Hundreds of party animals thronged the Golf Course Hotel for the annual deejay celebration and were treated to a memorable Uganda Waragi cocktail experience and the best local ballad. Kicking off shortly after 8pm, the party started with a moment of silence in tribute to the late Mowzey Radio with DJ Meek on the turntables. He delivered well on warming up the crowd in anticipation of what was to come later in the night.

DJ Roja and Slick Stuart posing for a photo at the Mixtape Party on Friday.

The celebration featured performances by King Saha, Chameleone, Winnie Nwagi and Fantom, whose ‘Ompalula Buwaluzi’ got everyone singing along word for word. Party hosts, Slick Stuart and Roja then took position at 11:45pm to the beats of ‘La Bamba’, but kept their eager audience ‘blindfolded’ as they played behind a hidden stage.

At exactly midnight, the curtains fell and ululations filled the room. Their performance was beyond what they had promised – it was so energetic that revelers were heard whispering about the shaking ground. And then came the moment when Slick Stuart and Roja dared their robust audience to the now-viral Malwedhe Challenge. Even with a fully-packed venue, there seemed to be more than enough space for the crowd to perform this ‘dying dance’ without causing a stampede.

Crazy fans of the duo show their love at Golf Course Hotel.

While addressing the press, Agaba Tumusiime, Brand Manager Uganda Waragi expressed his excitement at how the event had turned out saying, “In line with Uganda Waragi’s recent activities to support the art of deejaying and delivering the best party experiences in the country, we are proud to be sponsoring DJs Slick Stuart and Roja and sharing the SO UG experience with their fans.”

The duo doing what they do best ; making fans go crazy

Jose Chameleone performs at the 5th edition of the Mixtape Party

The Mixtape Party follows the conclusion of the second edition of the UG Mix Maestro, a campaign that traversed the country to recognize and celebrate deejays and deliver exciting music experiences to major towns in Uganda. DJs Slick Stuart and Roja bagged an award for Night Life DJ of the Year at the first edition of the maestro and the duo went on tour with the just-concluded second edition.

Friday’s celebration was more than the turntable spin masters had promised. They delivered on energy and just like their now-popular song, the duo treated their fans ‘Very Well.’

Karitas Karisimbi of Next Radio was very ecstatic at the event

DJ Naselo and DJ Vee spicing up things

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