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When Hellen Lukoma’s Fish-Net Dress Sent Tongues Wagging At UEA

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins/Chano8

A lot has already been said and written about the recently concluded and flopped Uganda Entertainment Awards. However, most people were carried away by the details about the mishaps and disorganisation then forgot about the red-carpet moments especially how guests were dressed.

Credit has to be given where it is due because most of the guests turned up on point and dressed to kill especially the nominees and VIP guests who dazzled in their evening gowns and party wears.

However, one particular guest who stood out was actress, model and singer Hellen Lukoma whose fish-net dress kept eyes glued to her slender figure throughout the evening.  Just like in many functions before, she was the center of attraction. It started with the journalists at the entrance covering the red-carpet moments who looked completely knackered by her sight as she bared it all for the cameras while they scrambled for the best angles and clicked away.

Lukoma was a darling of the media but still left some presenters in a stage of quagmire like this one from NTV

Lokoma’s royal purple fish-net dress and black shoes combination was the main attraction as her body was clearly visible through the net that kept the other guests especially the gents painting wild pictures in their minds with the photographers zooming their monster cameras to capture every detail.

Next was the different TV crews who kept clashing as presenters fought for an opportunity to interview the star who features in the NTV drama series  ‘The Honourables’. The rest of the crowd was served a better view as she walked on stage to receive her ‘Best actress award and while giving her acceptance speech, some guest in the VIP section in the front row were seen shifting uncomfortably in their seats as they whispered their comments to the neighbors. Some just remained shell shocked and couldn’t move an inch.

The only person who came closest to Lukoma in slaying it at the red-carpet was singer Lydia Jasmine who rocked a similar fish-net dress in gold.  We cant say much now but leave you to check out the photos below;



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