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When NTV’s Bettinah Bought Fake Shoes At A ‘Weird’ Price Of The Original

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We bet you have all watched NTV Style Project that is hosted by Sheillah Gashumba, Solomon Tazbone and Bettinah Tianah. They discuss and critic celebrities over their fashion sense but today, we would also like to critic Bettinah for buying a fake product at an expensive amount.

Bettinah has been abroad for some time now and on her way back, she decided to do some shopping in South Africa where she came across nice looking sneakers. Those sneakers are trending and because she works on TV, she wanted to appear on the set wearing them but little did she know that she bought fake items expensively? She paid Ug Shs 2.8 million for the Balemcyaga which is a duplicate of the original Balenciaga.

“I need a refund bruh how didn’t I notice that this shoe retailer reaped me of 2.8M for BALEMCYAGA this is the reason why I only buy my shoes from the Uk, #LastMinuteShoppingIsTheWorst #MyCapeTownTripDidThisToMe,” reads her post on Twiiter.

The person who sold her the shoes was probably smiling seeing the beautiful but not observant lady paying a whooping Ug Shs 2.8 Million for the fake shoes. These are shoes you will also find on the streets of Kampala ranging from for  Ug Shs 30K to 50K but to our surprise, Bettinah bought them at a whopping 2.8 million Ug Shs. Hummm 

Next time she critiques celebrities, she should just bear in mind that sometimes, it is not their intention to wear the outfits they are seen clad in.

Here is one shoe of the fake pair of Balenciaga shoes Bettinah bought in SA

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