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When NTV’s Crysto Panda And Comedian Emeka Traded Blows On Twitter

It seems like NTV presenter and budding artiste Crysto Panda has probably always wanted to take to social media and attack comedian and Hot 100 FM, radio host Emeka Collins, also known as The Romantic Mukiga

Panda managed to do so after Emeka shared a photo of himself on Twitter seated on a stool, holding a microphone in one of his hands. The photo was met with comments from Twitter users and among them was Panda who questioned how the back of the comedian’s neck is made.

“How was the back of your neck built” Asked Panda. “The same concrete that was used to build your voice” Emeka replied and this is what sparked off their exchange of what we are comfortable calling disses.

Panda who couldn’t stomach the ‘concrete voice’ diss fired back and said “bro yo neck built like that of empunu (pig)” and that is when Emeka also hit back again saying “Bro. Atleast empunu is sweet, but yours is built like a hippopotamus screaming Aaayyiiii”

This seemed to have rubbed Crysto the wrong way as he replied saying “Bro you look like you swallowed your entire comedy career and it’s choking you”

Emeka immediately fired back with what we may call a hotter diss and said “Atleast my career is booming. Whoever lied to you that you can sing deserves to be charged for treason. I’m done here, you need to be practicing how you’ll shout for us on tv and sing wrong keys. Aayyiiii”

Although Emeka claimed he was done with the diss exchange, Panda was still at it as he claimed how his hit songs are more than Emeka’s radio show listeners “I gat more hit songs than listeners of your radio show”- He said

Emeka then returned to fired back “But Fresh Daddy has more hits than you”. Panda who still had more bullets to fire back also replied “You keep playing my songs on your show than Fresh Daddy’s songs you’re playing yourself , can I bring evidence?”

In his reply to this, Emeka then let the cat out of the bag and said “And you’re always in my DM asking me to play your music.” That is when Panda said that “You even know the lyrics”

At this point Emeka was tired of this whole drama and he said he was done “Mr Kityamuweesi Herbert. You’re really old to be fighting with Me this morning. I’m done here. I have an ad to shoot and a wedding to Mcee. Have a great day”

“Mukulu Emeka I gat a show too bye though this was fun we should do it again on Monday” said Panda. “Enjoy your show” Emeka replied too and finally Panda concluded the war with “Let me send you some shouts out even”

Although towards and at the end, what started like a serious exchange of disses later seemed as if they were joking around, it gave Twitter users something to keep following as it transpired.















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