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When Sheebah Got People Talking After Tweeting “Boys Are Not Oxygen You Can Live Without Them”

Team No Sleep’s Queen Sheebah Karungi aroused got social media users on Friday talking, following a controversial tweet which might be perceived as her message to girls.

She in her own opinion tweeted “Dear Girls,Boys Are Not Oxgyen U Can Live Without Them”, accompanying the tweet with laughing and clinking glasses emojis and this was a caption to the photo of her smiley self holding a glass of what looks like juice.

Moments after the tweet went up, a section of ‘tweeps’ (Twitter users) who aren’t in agreement with her opinion began tweeting their replies, some of which were bashing her, without forgetting those who were siding with what she said in the tweet.

There was drama as some twitter users got involved in online childish squabbles with those who were bashing the ‘Ice Cream’ singer, citing that she is misleading the girls

“But you sing about them everyday” One of the tweeps identified as The Trizah relied. “Why are you gay?” Kevin Omukungu asked. “U have failed as woman my diva sorry for u”. Kireka Made replied as well.

Some of the comments were personal like one from Seeds who said “I hate such tweets if u don’t want men keep quite love yo fellow women” but there were those who were on Sheebah’s  side and weren’t afraid to show it like one Ivan Twino who said “Don’t rush to judge Sheebah! She has come a long way! She has a story and life experiences. Context is very important. You also know that she can be whatever she wants to be, and live her life the way she wants to. You have yours to live”

Going by the comments, it seems majority of people tweeps who came across her tweet on the timeline weren’t impressed. Did they just fail to read between the lines?

Here are is what people said.


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