When Spice Diana, Radio And Weasel Teamed Up For ‘Metallic Love’

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Although Uganda’s biggest vocalist and songwriter Mowzey Radio is dead and gone, his music will live on and Chano8 was told that there are more songs still yet to come from Radio and Weasel which will even last 5 years going by the words Weasel said recently.

Before Radio died, him and Weasel had released a collabo tune with Spice Diana dubbed ‘Kyuma’ which is Luganda for ‘metal’.

Produced by Washington Pro, ‘Kyuma’ is a love song which tells the story of a boy and a girl who are in love with each other. They expose their love feelings for each other verbally in this tune.

Spice begins the song’s first verse complaining of the little love doze the guy gives him. She wants a big doze and also arrests him on his way to work all in the need of time. She also asks the dude to cancel his day’s programme because every time the man leaves she misses him like crazy on top of having boiling feelings for this man of her love. She later confesses how he is the only man she loves and believes in at that.

Sweet voiced Radio comes in the second verse describing Spice’s love as a rope tying him in one position. He discloses to the girl how she sometimes is quarrelsome and fights which are some of the things he fears most about her before he later confesses how he loves Spice Diana alone and asks what he  can do to make her feel so good because of the too much belief he has in her.

Weasel comes in the 3rd and final verse asking for a love overdose from the girl whom he describes as a beautiful rose before he proposes for a fulltime love affair with the chick. The song is full of confession as Weasel also confesses how the girl got him rolling and how it’s her he calls time to time.

He concludes the song asking the girl to give him a chance t make love with him and assures the girl to like every bit as he brags to know the right spots to touch the girl at.

Listen to ‘Kyuma’ by Spice Diana Ft Radio and Weasel


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