When The Sky Lounge Silent Disco Sold Out

The Silent Disco has never been an affair to under look as it has now become a lot bigger than anyone had anticipated. With recent successes at Gekko Lounge, Gatto Matto and Jinja. Last Saturday, Sky Lounge one of Kampala’s trendiest hangouts hosted the Silent Disco and to everyone’s surprise, it was the biggest we have ever experienced. Most of the previous silent discos have attracted large numbers but this previous edition was beyond that.

The event started at 8:00pm but by 9:00pm, the entire venue was full to the brim with all the headphones sold out. This meant that for anyone to enter, you had to pay and enter without headphones or wait for someone who is leaving to hand you their pair. The rooftop section was the most occupied and this saw most revellers flocking it for the great ambiance and nice kavuyo vibe it gave off. Imagine more than 300 people packed on a rooftop dancing silently to a range of more than 2 genres of music.

The deejays headlining on this one included  Dj Roja and Slick Stuart, Dj Naselow, Dj Aludah, Dj Mary Jo, Dj Kas Baby and many more. There were 3 channels (Red, Green and Blue) with an option of switching to your preferred channel. Celebrity appearances included BebeCool, Sheilla Gashumba, Eleanor Nabwiso and his wife, Ken Kayongo of Swahili Nation and many more. This edition was definitely the biggest and we are yet to establish whether any other will match up to it. Meanwhile news coming in from Kellagram, the official organizers of the event is that we are yet to experience a silent disco in Entebbe. The date and venue are yet to be communicated.

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