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‘Where Is The Evidence?’ Police Asks New Vision’s Seguya About Chameleone Case

On Sunday, Bukedde TV’s Josephat Seguya reported Singer Jose Chameleone for harassing him during the introduction ceremony of Catherine Kusasira. A video of Jose Chameleon leaked on social media where he was almost strangling the TV presenter alleging that he speaks ill of him.

The Vision Group journalist felt insulted and humiliated. He opened up a case at Katwe Police station claiming he was beaten and threatened by the veteran singer.

As Police is investigating the matter, it has been revealed that Seguya has been tasked to produce concrete evidence that he was beaten as alleged. According to the Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) spokesperson, he states that even Seguya has been directed to produce evidence that shows he was beaten as he claims

“We are slowly investigating the matter. But so far, Seguya is supposed to produce concrete evidence that shows being beaten by Chameleon before we can proceed to court with the matter” Police spokesperson KMP stated.

At loggerheads: Seguya and singer Jose Chameleone

However, while appearing on Spark TV, yesterday, Chameleone defended himself and said, he never laid his hand on the Presenter. He adds that like any other aggrieved person, he was harshly talking in a way to warn Seguya to stop writing ill about him or in case there is a story, he should at least give audience to Chameleone to defend himself

“I have known Seguya for a very long time. But what hurts me; he goes writing and talking ill about me. I have no problem with him, even at the ceremony, I was only trying to talk to him but I never laid my hand on him. In so many cases, he has talked false things about me but surely, he doesn’t give me space to defend myself. He just writes what he feels is right. I get offended too” Chameleone is quoted saying.


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