Whisky Lovers Treated To A Smooth Scotch Evening At Fusion AutoSpa

The Easter holiday was an exciting one for whisky lovers as Uganda Breweries Limited on Saturday night created a unique whisky tasting experience for media and partygoers a Fusion Autospa in Munyonyo.

The Black & White is a blended Scotch whisky which was originally produced by the London-based James Buchanan & Co Ltd founded by James Buchanan. Originally known as House of Commons after the British House of Commons, its nickname, referring to the black and white labelling, was eventually adopted as the official brand instead.

Held at Fusion Auto Spa Munyonyo, the evening was which kicked off at around 9:00pm was all about exploring the different and unique ways to enjoy Black and White whisky as well as giving guests an in-depth look into the Irish whisky. 

With the help of Ambrose the mixologist, revelers explored the Blended Smooth Scotch Whisky’s signature flavour and were also treated to the different cocktails made using Black and White Whisky. They were also given a chance to try out their mixology skills and make their own cocktails.

Participants were also introduced to a Black and White Whisky sour cocktail, a perfect cocktail that includes the Irish Whisky, lemon, and egg white mixtures.

Trough out the night, revellers were treated to a smooth experience of the whisky which has been new in the Ugandan market. With its burnt charcoal feel and sizzling aroma, the blend can be taken fresh or in cocktail without discomforting the consumer.

Most of the media personnel who tried it out and also learnt a few tricks in making the cocktails appreciated its unique smooth flavour and may soon become another strong brand to reckon with. The party later continued till late.


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