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Why Bebe Cool Joined The UPDF In Celebrating ‘Tarehe Sita’ In Kitgum 

Bebe Cool is not in the army and neither is he from the public service but he was among the many that graced the ‘Tarehe Sita’ function in Kitgum district.

He was in company of fellow musicians Catherine Kusasira, Big Eye and King Michael and when people saw them, their anticipation grew thinking they would see them perform which was not the case.

When asked why they travelled to that side of the country, Bebe Cool said they did it out of respect and appreciation towards the UPDF army.

“It’s out of respect and appreciation towards the UPDF army for the work they have done for us Ugandans to be alive and happy today. These women and men sacrificed their lives for the peace of Ugandans and they still do. So as a responsible successful citizen, I felt making time to attend this day is a way of appreciation towards their sacrifice,” He said in an interview.

The musicians after the ceremony took time off to take pics of the newly constructed Gulu, Kitgum road that stretches for 100 km. They all agreed that road construction is one of the main key areas that the government has achieved.

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