Why Chaos Erupted At Mowzey Radio’s Burial

Uganda’s top vocalist Moses Sekibogo Alias Mowzey Radio died on February 1st after succumbing to serious head injuries that led to a blood clot resulting from a bar brawl in Entebbe on January 22nd 2018.      

As you may already know, Mowzey met his fate on that dreadful Monday morning after he was allegedly thrown by a one Try Wamala following an altercation with the bar managers and revellers. He was in the company of a lady identified as Pamela and Producer Washington who had escorted him to check on his construction site at Bunono, Katabi Town Council.

Mowzey eventually ended up unconscious at Case Hospital in Kampala before being declared dead on Monday morning. Although his burial had initially been slated for 4pm, in Kagga-Nakawuka off Entebbe Road, the mellow-voiced singer’s body was lowered into the grave at about 3pm for his final rest.

The casket containg Radio’s remains being taken for burial  

The burial site was a sea of people with relatives, friends, and fans gathering in big numbers to witness the sending off of a fallen soldier. However, no sooner had the body been lowered, than chaos ensued with people, particularly on the musicians’ side at the grave-yard exchanging fists.

According to some eyewitnesses, trouble started when some mourners started throwing money in the grave with others trying to catch cash on and take some causing the initial fracas as security tried to push them back those who had gathered close to the grave being dispersed as they scampered in different directions with some getting trampled on in the stampede.

Very many people turned up for the burial causing long queues

Many others fainted in the process as they ran for their dear lives but before the dust could settle and security calming the situation, another confusion erupted from the back side in which some mourners and police officers were injured. It is said that goons commonly referred to as ‘Kifeesi’ took advantage of the situation and started robbing mourners.

The situation eventually turned chaotic

They stole mobile phones, snatched bags and purses and other valuables as the escalated the heated situation and almost overpowered the police who seemed not well prepared for this particular case.

Although calm was later restored, the Kifeesi goons did not stop with their mission as they kept terrorizing mourners on their way back to Kampala and other parts of the country. Police managed to arrest and detain some of the notorious goons known for causing havoc at public gatherings especially concerts.

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