Why Dj Roja And Slick Stuart Left KFM

Dynamic DJ duo Roja and Slick Stuart are no longer part of the Nation Media group after quitting Kampala FM commonly known as KFM

Roja and Stuart have been at the radio station for over two years as part of the ‘Superstar Friday’ show, mixing jams back to back but late last Friday they ended their journey and will soon be starting another that is going to see them be part of Next Media Group.

Roja and Slick Stuart are going to be working on the NBS online radio starting sometime next week if the information we received is anything to go by.

Roja has already been working on the TV station’s ‘NBS After 5’ show with DVj Mercy but being joined by his collegue in the Dj industry would be a match made in heaven.

Dj Slick Stuart will officially join Dj Roja (in photo) at NBS

Someone might be wondering why they had to make such a decision with the demand they have in the industry but it looks like their choice was based on money just like it has always been with all the people NBS has been poaching from other stations.

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