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Why Fun Factory Has Halted Their Weekly Shows Again

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As usual, comedy group Fun Factory always resume their Thursdays weekly comedy shows at National Theatre in the second week of every new year but this year all this changed following the ongoing 3rd phase of the renovation of the theatre’s auditorium where they entertain  their fans from.

You ought to have not seen them announce their 2018 comeback because of this renovation process which they regretted to inform to their fans.

Fun Factory’s  management  issued a press release informing their fans of this inconvenience but however apologised and asked for the patience of their disappointed fans who were impatiently asking for when the shows will resume.

This will take a few weeks as written in the press release and an official announcement of their comeback will be issued

This group of funny people has through the years been an organised comedy group that makes people laugh  and it boasts of comedians like Richard Tuwangye, Anne Kansiime, Ronnie McVex, Veronica Namanda, Veronica Tindi, Kwezi Kaganda, Hannington Bugingo, Zizinga, Cathy Bagaya, Herbert Mendo amomh many others

Going by the social media reaction to this announcement, the fans are missing out but due to this uncontrollable circumstance, they are sorry they can’t make it this week and the coming few weeks.


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