Why Malaika Nnyanzi Is The Top 2016 Fashion Banger And Style Crush

Malaika Nnyanzi is pretty much the perfect definition of a fashionista. For everyone with an elevated sense of style,  this gorgeous diva has been everyone’s style crush this year. This TV girl is the 2016 unmatched queen of fashion, which brings me to the painful fact that we will miss those pretty outfits that got her ‘Fashionista’ fans drooling on Urban Tv now that she has left the show. But not to worry because it is her famous red carpet looks that got us pink with envy and those are still here and more are coming.


Her personality and energy dazzle the fashion world whenever she appears for an event in her breath taking costumes never afraid to flaunt her hot body and toned physique. On the every red carpet Malaika has been a princess and a royal rocking anything without much effort. And her hair is always amazing. Her glam squad is definitely doing a great job.

One of her designers Anita Beryl describes her as “pretty much every designer’s dream client, her personality is just the main source of inspiration. She’s very vibrant, sweet, gorgeous and classy.  When you spend 10 minutes with her, you could have a full 20 piece collection.”




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