Why New iPhones Will Not Come With Chargers And Airpods

So on the 13th of October, Apple, an American multinational technology company announced the newest models of the highly anticipated iPhone 12, that is, 12 Mini (5.4inch), 12 (6.1inch), 12 Pro (6.1inch) and 12 Pro Max (6.7inch) at the virtual Apple Event 2020.

Where as some have already done so, many other iPhone lovers all over the world are excited to have their hands on any or even all of these models but did you know that they will not come with Airpods and wall chargers?

Yes, the two won’t be available in the box but only a USB-C to Lightning cable will be. For those planning to acquire the phones, better have extra money to buy a charger and Airpods or prepare to be a borrower.

Much as people are complaining because of that, according to Apple, chargers or airpods won’t be included in the box of the iPhone 12 series basing on nothing but environmental grounds and this is the same reason they also didn’t include charging bricks in this year’s and to come Apple Smart Watches.

The California, USA based company says that the move means that they will have to consume fewer raw materials for each iPhone sold, also allowing for a smaller box, meaning that 70 percent more units can fit on a single shipping pallet and reduce carbon emissions, without forgetting decrease in electronic waste which to them is good for the environment

Starting with the iPhone 12 range, all new iPhones will not come with wall chargers and Airpods

On top of not shipping the accessories with the new phones, Apple is also removing wall chargers and earbuds from the older iPhones types that it will continue making.

Apple also announced that already, there are 700 million Lightning headphones in the world, 2 billion Apple power adapters, suggesting that most people will already have both accessories.








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