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Why Rapper GNL Zamba Is Disappointed With Mc Ibrah After Attacking Lydia Jazmine

Very many artistes are not happy with Star Tv presenter Mc Ibrah’s recent attacks on singer Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica live on national television. One such artiste who has come out openly to express his disappointment is rapper and Baboon Forest Entertainment boss GNL Zamba who says he always respected the presenter but this has gone way below the belt.

The diminutive Star TV presenter and Wolokoso Extra YouTube content creator used hash and derogatory words to describe Lydia Jazmine’s alleged relationship with fellow artiste Fik Fameica.

On the other hand Lydia Jazmine responded by demanding for an apology and action be taken by UCC on the presenter.


GNL Zamba, real name Ernest Nsimbi alias who is one of the biggest Luga-flow rappers of this generation, immediately responded to Jazmine’s tweet after watching the presenter unleash disgusting venom after venom on the helpless singer and wondered why a musician would be attacked for someone he or she loves why one would care if an artiste doesn’t love someone.

He also admitted having had a lot of respected for the presenter and that he didn’t expect MC Ibrah to be among the people who sting artists because of their choices thinking he had outgrown such trivial matter, which has really surprised and made him disappointed him so much.

“I’m so disappointed that musicians are attacked for who they love or who they don’t love but my biggest disappointment is that I always respect Ibra and thought he was above talking like this. Everyone deserves respect, Privacy, and the moment you mention children it goes too far!” Zamba wrote.


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