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Why Singer Buchaman Spent Christmas In The Coolers

Ragga singer Butchaman is one of those Ugandans who believe so much in Rastafarian life. He has always said he is a rasta and will always be one until the day he dies. As a matter of fact, he is also bringing up his children in the same rasta lifestyle.

But according to the information we came across, Butcherman didn’t spend the Christmas holidays with his family as he was behind bars at Makindye Police station.

Information has it that it was one of his neighbors who was responsible for Butchaman’s arrest after he threw away the meat which his neighbour was roasting on the charcoal stove ready to prepare it for as food to eat on Christmas Day

The former Firebase Vice President was forced to do this because of the fact that Rastas don’t eat meat. They actually don’t even associate with it’s mere smell as they are vegetarians who don’t believe in consuming foodstuffs with blood in them

However, our efforts were futile as failed to get in contact with his aides nor the police to say something about this matter.

In January this same year, the same thing happened still with the same neighbour but he couldn’t tolerate the musician this time round.

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