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Why Sylvia Owori Has Quit NTV’s Style Project

Ever since the Ugandan version of E!’s Fashion police, Style Project was aired it has faced a lot of scrutiny from the views and fellow broad casters. Some said it was just a platform used to hate on fashion achievers and other likened it to Ubarn Tv’s ‘Scoop on scoop’.

Regardless the show survived and went one to air till to date, most likely because they kept the panel of fashion critics interesting yet retaining the main person, Sylvia Owori.  The show has taken a new interesting twist as news reaching our desks is that, there has been a rift between the Producers of the show and the host, Ms Sylvia Owori.

We have attached the press release her team put together which includes phrases like “I and the executives at the station regrettably couldn’t concur with each other on what in my capacity (as a pivotal part of the show) thought was vital in making the show even better in the future.”


NTV’s Style Project show to go on with Sylvia Owori

And “That style has been instrumental in making the show successful but alas I found that atmosphere was suddenly unfortunately vanishing to my regret. Equally important is my long-term desire to concentrate on pushing for sustainable growth of other arms of fashion and all its related industries in Uganda.”  Then lastly a promise, “I will therefore take this time to continue to reflect in order to be able to comeback with an even more elaborate, widespread and ultimately greater show in the near future.


This document has left us with more questions than answers such as;

  1. What exactly transpired between Sylvia and the NTV management?
  2. Was it really her decision to leave?
  3. What new show is she bringing, and will it be at NTV or elsewhere?
  4. What will she do now that she won’t have the show?
  5. Lastly who is taking over The style Project?

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