Why Tarrus Riley’s Concert Was Cancelled

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Despite the fact that Reggae music lovers, party animals and the general public at large have been eagerly waiting for Thursday the 1st of December which was the announced date for the Tarrus Sings UG concert that was expected to feature Jamaican-American Reggae singer Tarrus Riley, to our disappointment, the concert is no longer happening.

This comes after the organising companies Red Fog and Bolt Agency failed in an attempt to get sponsors on board ahead of this much acclaimed concert that was remaining with a few days. However, according to a reliable source who chose to remain anonymous, the concert was called off a while ago but organisers have since then been reluctant to break the news.

Tarrus Riley’s concert cancelled

 However, Tarrus Riley’s concert cancellation news is out on social media with fans seeking clarification from the organisers who are still unresponsive up to now.

 Prior to the cancellation, fans were already asking questions why there was a cease in the hype of this concert with no billboards announcing it anywhere.

Reggae music lovers especially Tarrus Riley’s fans will have to wait a little longer as we wait for the official statement from the organisers. We shall keep you updated.

On the other hand, Tarrus Riley was expected to come along with the Dean Fraser a celebrated Jamaican Saxophonist and Black Soil Band and the concert’s entry fees were 50,000 ordinary, 120,000 VIP and 3 million VVIP.

Tarrus Riley and Dean were slated to grace the Tarrus Sings Ug Concert

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