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Why This Year’s Miss Uganda Contest Will Be The Most Exciting

Last Thursday evening, the final 21 beauties to compete in this year’s Miss Uganda beauty pageant were selected at Serena hotel Katonga hall in the presence of the media and share holders.

This year’s competition is likely to be so tight as most contestants are young unlike previously. The biggest percentage constitutes students in the age of 18 to 22 while the minority are above 25 years.

Like we had predicted, Aisha Nabukeera made the final list among the 21 finalists but she isn’t the only public figure. NBS TV presenter and mix up show co-host Wanyana Ritah  Engrid is also among the finalists and she stands high chances as well going by her TV status.

Wanyana Ritah

Wanyana Ritah

Through different platforms, people have started fronting their candidates and already, the public is starting to get familiar with them.

The competition looks at brains first before beauty comes in for the eventual winner who walks away with a car, some cash and an opportunity to represent Uganda in Miss world.

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