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Why Uganda Police Raided Singer Pallaso’s Home On Wednesday Night

There has been drama on social media involving singer Pallaso that has been trending for close to two days now. Events started unfolding on Wednesday night when Police officers raided the singer’s home late in the night on suspicion that there was violation of presidential directives on Covid-19 especially the curfew by the Team Good Music boss and his crew.

Uganda Police has however finally come out to give their side of the story refuting claims that they unlawfully and forcefully wanted to arrest the singer.

It all started on Wednesday night when Pallaso real name Pius Mayanja  recorded and shared a video in which armed Police Officers are seen at his residence in what he termed as ‘illegal invasion’. He claimed they raided his home without permission. He added that, they tried to arrest him citing that he had breached curfew guidelines and was playing loud music yet he was just “having supper with my manager and a few friends”.

However, as fate would have it, the attempted arrest was fruitless as the self-styled Sucker Free Boss overpowered the officers, allegedly wrestling them down before escaping with the handcuffs which were already partly fixed in his wrist.

“Using excessive force and shooting bullets at unarmed fellow brothers and sisters is making me lose all hope. Enough is enough. More videos coming”. Pallaso said.

The police in a statement reportedly made by Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire say that Police in Makindye received a disturbance call from residents of Luwafu zone that a group of unruly people had gathered at Pallaso’s home at around 12:46am.

The report adds that Police then responded and found a group of over 30 people gathered at Pallaso’s home, playing loud music, drinking and not following the safety guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health on curfew and public gatherings.

When Pallaso and his group were advised to reduce the volume of the music and to respect the set guidelines, they became violent which prompted the police to arrest Pallaso and his brother Kasozi Henry.

It is alleged that Pallaso disappeared with police handcuffs and he is now wanted on charges of escaping from Lawful custody and obstruction.

“Police has preferred to investigate allegations of Obstruction , inciting Violence and doing a negligent act act likely to spread an infection of a disease,” revealed Luke Owyesigyire.











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