Why Zari Blamed Everything On Fabiola Following Their Fight At Miss Uganda Finale

Self styled Boss Lady and socialite Zari Hassan was at the centre of controversy last Friday evening during the coronation night of Miss Uganda 2019/2020

Being the pageant’s judge and a patron, Zari’s decisions are not questioned most times but her conduct that night caused a lot of controversy because of being impolite to TV presenter and fellow socialite Anita Fabiola who was the official host of the event.

When it was time to announce the top three finalists, Zari was called on stage to read out their names which were in an envelope that was being held by Miss Brenda Nanyonjo the CEO Miss Uganda. As the MC, Fabiola was heard asking Brenda whom she referred to as ‘mama’, whether she preferred to read out the top 3 finalists’ names

“Girl you are supposed to do the opening work”-Zari was heard telling Fabiola to open the envelope, a few seconds before she (Zari) grabbed it from Brenda’s hands and hit on Fabiola’s belly in what seemed like an attempt to pass on the envelope to the NBS Katch Up co-host. Meanwhile this was all happening as the stunned crowd looked on

Seconds later, ashamed Zari tried to explain that she acted like that in order to see how Fabiola would react but her explanation landed on nothing but deaf ears especially from the audience who booed her.

Zari however on the following day took to social media to blame Fabiola for their uncalled for fight the two were involved in on stage

The 38-year-old mother of five revealed that Fabiola holds a grudge with her because of the fact that she “tried to stop Fabiola from messing up Zari’s best friend Vera’s relationship with her husband”

“As an mc you could have laughed it off and moved on but you hold a grudge for no reason it wasnt mine that you were sleeping with but Vera’s and all she did was ask me to intervene to speak to you to stop what your doing. When you denied screen shots followed where you were asking her man money ate nga omwekwanila ekyo kyakuyisa bubi. There was no need to act brand new i was just an immediator. Miss uganda wasnt the platform to show that grudge. Brenda the CEO of miss Uganda had no problem opening the envelope, why you? You had your own issues going. I was just a messenger” reads her post.

Watch how Zari and Fabiola fought at Miss Uganda 2019 grand finale



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