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“It Will Be The Best Of Me”- Big Eye Promises Ahead Of Concert

It really seems like from August till the end of the year will be another busy season where different artistes will be occupied with concerts and truly, different artistes will be showcasing to their fans what they would be having in stock for a while and the supporters should prepare to go push their stars to the next level.

One of the artistes who will be holding a second concert in music career is the one and only Big Eye, the master mind behind songs like ‘Indicator’, ‘Mango Juice’, ‘Physically Fit’ among many others.

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Big Eye gearing for his Nkuziniremu Self Contained concert in December

The ‘Nkuziniremu Self Contained’ concert is slated to take place on Friday the 2nd of December 2016 at L’A Grand Hotel’s Parking place located in Bwaise, a Kampala city suburb and later head to Satellite Beach Mukono. In an interview recently, the ‘Indicator’ singer told Chano8 that, preparations are in high gear.

“I have a concert coming in December. Am still in talks with the sponsors and finalising some things then after, I will announce officially but most likely, December or before that.” He said.

He indeed fulfilled his promise and apparently The Star Boss as he prefers to call himself and his Big Music crew are busy engaging stakeholders as they plan for the best much anticipated concert.

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Big Eye asks people to come support him at his concert

“This will be my second concert after the ‘Ekikumi Physically Fit’ concert that I held at Freedom City in 2014. I was supposed to have put up another last year but the general elections campaigns inconvenienced me. Fans should expect the best of me. Since it’s a concert, I have to do what Big Eye is expected to do.”

“From now on wards, I will be releasing more projects for my fans to have the best come December and am releasing ‘Nkuziniremu’ next week. People should kindly come and support me.” Big Eye explained to Chano8 when asked about what he has on offer.

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