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Will Douglas Lwanga’s ‘Words Of Wisdom’ Reconcile Weasel And Chagga?

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Sometimes it is not cool to make decisions under the influence of anger because things might backfire then you regret when it is too late and you cannot change anything. Through a TV interview on Wednesday the 14th of March, Weasel the only existing member of the Radio and Weasel duo fired their manager Chagga.

It should be remembered that even before Radio’s untimely death, the cooperation between Weasel and Chagga was not a healthy one but because Radio believed in Chagga, that was enough to keep him at the Goodlyfe camp as their manager.

However, Weasel did not fire Chagga because of their old misunderstandings. He fired him because of the Busia show Chagga booked a few days after Radio’s death without considering one fact that Weasel was still mourning Radio. Weasel also disclosed that Chagga was forcing him to go perform at this show a thing he totally refused

It is on this matter therefore that NBS TV’s Douglas Lwanga came in to advise the two and asked them to bury their hatchet.

 “Both Weasel and Chagga need time off. The mistake both made was to get back at hunting money without fully healing. The effect is what we are seeing. It doesn’t look good to the brand honestly. Guys Fix this mess. While Big Papa Chagga shouldn’t have booked those so many shows yet immediately after Radios death coz Weasel is trying to heal, Question is what would be the perfect timing to restart working again? Bills have to be paid so Big Papa had to look for a way out not in bad faith.

He also advised Weasel and Chagga not to take their differences to the media as it will not help them but instead catalyse the whole thing which they could just fix at a round table.

Media won’t help you solve the current problem , it instead makes it worse. Its simple. YOU ALL NEED TO REST. You need to rest strategise and make well planned decisions. Dont make rushy decisions, dont be influenced . So many people wish you guys well. Thats why they care . Lets fix this please 🙏 Lets Make the Goodlife Brand Greater Douglas Concluded.

We also hope Weasel and Chagga listen to this advise and take it in so that this mess can be solved and  they push the Goodlyfe brand to greater heights.


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