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‘You Will Tell The World Someday, That I am Made Of Steel’… Jose Chameleone Comments About His Flawless Performance In Burundi


Jose Chameleone who recently left youths and cadets ecstatic at the Masindi Police School, put on an amazing show in Bujumbura, Burundi last Saturday, August 30, 2014.

The singer took to Facebook to share his joy:

And this is what we are!!! It’s work NOT words. Bujumbura, Burundi I love you the same way. Thanks PRIMUSIC and Brarudi for the Massive presence… RECORD we’ll  set 50,000 fans plus, Turned up. Big up Talent Africa, TeamChameleone,VJ BABYLOVE, Kingstone Mutebi, Mad Ras DiziZa, JB RAZOR, Dennis Lama, Mi General Dj Black. You will tell the world someday that I am made of Steel!!!! My Burundi Family- I sign Out!!!!

The Leone Island president also shared a picture when fans were lifting him up in the air, as he sung along.


Chameleone who is having a time of his life following his hit songs Valu Valu and Wale Wale, lectured youths and cadets about the issues of youth empowerment and talent development.

A very overwhelmed Chameleone took to Facebook to share his enthusiasm:

“It’s been a long time since I had a Wednesday like the 27th August 2014.I was honored to be invited by the Inspector General of Uganda Police to lecture my fellow Countrymen, Youths and Cadets in Masindi Police School on issues about youth empowerment and talent development.”

“The smiles and simplicity when I arrived made it warm enough for me to interact and share easily! Today this reminded me that finally our MUSIC has impacted our community and world over.”

“It’s time we take charge as tools of community development after all Charity begins at home,” Chameleone concluded.



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