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Win Or Lose, Jose Chameleone Will Still Come Back A Winner – Pallaso

Team Good Music boss Pallaso has come out and said that win or lose, Jose Chameleone will still come back as a winner.

‘In East Africa he is a winner and we will welcome him home as a winner!! He never got the easy way up he had to build his tower brick by brick from cheap hands on labor and turned it into full force heavy high power digital machines and even in Uganda the only artist to be featured in the collection of Uganda at 50 years of independence thus making him the meter of Ugandan music.’

The singer who will be releasing Nishike song featuring Beenie Gunter further said that so many international platforms are aware of Jose Chameleone but choose to act like they don’t see hoping he expires, but he is musically immortal and legends never die.

Pallaso talks about Jose Chameleone's Journey

Pallaso talks about Jose Chameleone’s Journey

Pallaso continued,

‘I have watched music awards being taken by some people that don’t deserve em I‘m not hatin I‘m just being honest but now all East Africa has voted.. We have done our part to show we appreciate the opportunity and there is no question Chameleone is loved and heart felt !! Whether with victory or no victory to East Africa you are a son, a king, a legend and you have sold out culture to millions way before the internet even ever came so we will not let any body compare miles walked on bare feet to miles travelled by a jet.’

East Africa as whole will definitely be waiting for the verdict of the MTV Africa awards tonight.

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