Winner Cries After Taking 10th Sala Puleesa Noah

It was tears of joy as John Byansi a Farmer from Namulesa a Jinja Town suburb received car keys to his Sala Puleesa Toyota Noah. Byansi the tenth winner of a Sala Puleesa Toyota Noah is the first person in his family to own a car.

 “I am the first person to own a car in my family and look where the opportunity has come from, from Pepsi, I am forever grateful to Pepsi for changing my life,” said a teary Byansi.

Annette Nambi his cousin was also quick to add to his statement that the tomatoes and cabbage farmer is to be the first person in their family to drive.

“It’s hard to believe that he now owns a car, although he wanted to have one, now was never the time for him to get it, said Annette Nambi Byansi’s cousin.

Byansi was given his Toyota Noah on Wednesday at Namulesa Market along the Jinja- Kamuli road.  Just like those that won before him Byansi participated in the Sala Puleesa promotion and on the Sunday night of November 13th, 2016, he was called during a live draw and given news of him win.


Byansi receives his keys from Pepsi

“I was planning to go to bed, that’s when I received a call and I was told I had won a car. At first I thought it was a lie until this caller insisted. And because I had watched a show where they call people to pronounce them winners, I could recall the voice. I just sat down and for a number of minutes, I could not talk until they called me back to ask me about my details, “said Byansi.

Byansi says he is going to use the car to make money to enrich his tomatoes and cabbages farm.

“I have been looking for resources to help me improve my farm, and look God has answered my prayers, he has brought the opportunity though Sala Puleesa, thank you Pepsi,” added Byansi.


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