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Winnie Nwagi Teases The Public With ‘Kwanjula’ Video

A lot of speculation has been made concerning Winnie Nwagi’s relationship with some sections of the public saying she’s still single while others say that she’s with the father of her seven year old child. But the artiste hasn’t done anyone any justice as she has remained tight lipped about the subject. Well, at least until last weekend when pictures of her emerged while she was introducing someone.


Bloggers and several websites were in a hurry to put up stories that the musician had finally introduced her man in a ceremony that happened in Masaka but like always, we are here to clear the air about certain things and the truth is Winnie Nwagi was simply shooting the video of her ‘Kano Koze’ track on Saturday. This information was confirmed to us by Swangz Avenue management who also believe that it’s going to be one of the most expensive videos ever.


“It was just a play to mislead people as if the ‘Kwanjula’ was real because we went all the way. The people, the gifts, decorations and everything else was real. We can’t disclose the figures but it’s definitely one of the most expensive videos in Uganda.”

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