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Winnie Nwagi Thrills Fans, Her Body Gets The MC Crazy

Those who know her or watch her videos will agree with us that Swangz Avenue’s Winnie Nwagi really has a good body. While performing at the ‘Entujjo Ya Comedy’ show that was held at Laftaz Comedy Longue Swimming Pool Side located at Centenary Park -Kampala on Thursday, Nwagi who took the stage at 13 minutes past 10pm thrilled the fans with her performance.


Winnie Nwagi

Before she could even sing, revelers were already asking her to perform her recent ‘Musawo’ single that is truly earning lots of mileage for her currently. “Mulindeeko katono katono namwe”, meaning ‘please kindly hold on’ are the words she told the impatient revelers who were shouting on top of their lungs especially men.

She performed ‘Katono Kato’ and later ‘Musawo’. Fans were heard singing along the as she performed it live on stage, dancing and wiggling to her own melodies. It came to a time when she had to leave the stage for the next artiste but before she left, Dicanio who was the host of the show, couldn’t contain the beauty of the curvaceous woman he was seeing next to him.


That time when Nwagi danced to her own melodies of ‘Musawo’ song


Dicanio couldn’t hold it but touch Nwagis behind

Asked by the MC whether she also uses FACO products, a famous company where women go buy tablets that cut weight, make hips and good figure, Winnie said this. “If I was a FACO’s product, I would have bleached my skin long time ago”. “Fans what do you think?”  she asked


MC Dicanio trying to hear the vibrations in Winnie Nwagi’s thigh

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