Winnie Nwagi To Showcase Her ‘Matala’ Bar Skills At Guvnor’s Ciroc Pop Night Party

The Bootiful Winnie Nwagi is set to grace the popular Guvnor Ciroc Pop Night as the bartender of the Night. The Matala artiste who will be the mixologist of the day tomorrow will serve her fans signature Ciroccocktails dubbed Yitayo,Amaaso, Matalaalongside her electrifying dance moves coupled with her hit songs.

The Swangz Avenue artiste has urged all the fun seekers to gather at the Industrial Area-based hangout spot for a thrilling show this Friday November 15th 2019.

“All my Nwagicians and life eaters, Guvnor is the place to be. Come witness the Nwagi magic mixing both cocktails and music,” said Nwagi.

Spin doctors Selector Jay, DJ Bryan, DJ Dash and Baby Luv will be in the house to keep the revellers on their toes till morning.

Winnie Nwagi will be behind the bar counter before performing.

The Ciroc Pop Night that was launched in May this year and happens every second Friday of the month where a musician is selected to showcase their mixologist skills and perform both bartender duties and their music as well as mix and mingle with fans.

The fun theme night has grown into a popular night that attracts multitudes of revellers to Guvnor. Previous editions have featured star artistes like Sheebah Karungi, Bebe Cool and Big Trill of the ‘Parte after Parte’ fame.

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