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Winnie Nwagi’s Skimpy Dress Sends Social Media Into Overdrive

Swangz Avenue’s Winnie Nwagi is one chick who loves her body the way it is and she doesn’t care about body shamers nor those whom her body shape doesn’t please.

Nwagi’s body is truly admired by a lot of men and every time she uploads a photo of her on social media or makes a public appearance in a body hugging or revealing outfit, she leaves men speechless.

As we are still counting the lockdown days, the ‘Jangu’ singer on Friday night took to her official 402K followers Facebook page and uploaded what we wouldn’t be wrong to call raunchy photos of herself that have, as expected gotten social media users talking since then.

In one of the photos which we think were taken in her sitting room, the bootylicious singer, clad in a very short pink body hugging dress and purple high heels is seen gently leaning against the wall while facing the camera while the other shows her seated on the arm of one of the sofas with her ‘thighland’ on display.

A few minutes after the photos made their way on her Facebook account the comments also began flying in with majority of them, mainly from men all about nothing but praise of her nice body which she comfortably parades in the body hugging dress.

One of the Facebook user joked and said “Am coming to taste what am observing”. “I’ve been yo huge fan for a while but for now ate njagala kulya” said another

However, there were some  who weren’t pleased by her whole idea of sharing these controversial photos like a one Iga who said “The hardest job facing kids today is to learn good manners without seeing any. #what are you trading?” and more shown in screen shots below



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