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With Love From Nigeria To Uganda: Guinness All Black Party Simply Flawless

With everyone dressed in black the Guinness was destined for greatness.

Flavia, who was the Mc of the night was simply flawless as she kept the fans engaged, but some fans couldn’t help but stare at her amazing body not giving a care in the world who noticed them.

The All Black Party turned out to be a star studded event with the likes of Sheila Gashumba, Salvado, Lillian and Judith Heard among others attending the show. With Dj Aludah on the turntables, the revelers were in for a night of their lives.

The show was opened up with performances from Navio, Cindy and Chameleone who showcased their immense talent. Their performances were filled with so much vigor that it only reminded the fans, why they are one of Uganda’s best. If that wasn’t enough the fans were set for unprecedented heights with Wizkid’s performance.


When the man of moment ‘Wizkid’ stepped on stage it was nothing but excitement that run through the fans. All those who were seated ditched their chairs for the front stage just to get a clear photo of the star while others threw their hands up in the air and waved them like they just didn’t care.

There is no better word that can define Wizkid’s performance other than spectacular, his prowess was all on display, it’s no wonder some girls  were screaming ‘Marry Me.’ His performance was somewhat palpable and to say that he’s only 24 years old, you can only imagine how far he will reach.

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