More Woes For Jackie Chandiru

Just when we thought singer Jackie Chandiru’s life had stabilized, something else came up and it has everything to do with her marriage because the man she got married to is so determined to end things as early as possible.

It seems Mr Nol Van Vliet has not really enjoyed his time with his bride Jackie because, for the close to three years they have been married, he hasn’t enjoyed their marriage much since only two months after walking down the aisle, the musician was taken to rehab where she was for more than a year and on being discharged, approximately six months ago, Jackie decided to seek refuge at the Goodlyfe camp.


Jackie Chandiru and Nol Van Vliet on their wedding day

After settling in, the ‘Agassi’ singer tried so hard to get back on her feet and instead of going back to her husband, she went to Radio and Weasel who according to reports we received instead used her to perform at their shows in Arua and Gulu without paying her.

Because of this depression and disappointment, Jackie started abusing drugs again and that is when Goodlyfe sent her away from their home.

It is on this note that her family got her back to a rehab centre in Bunamwaya and on learning that his wife was back in rehab, all he wants is a divorce. There is a lot going on in the life of the former Blu*3 singer and we sincerely wish her a quick recovery.


Mr Nol Van Vliet



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