Woman Contracts HIV From ‘Sharing’ A Manicure Equipment

A Brazilian woman in her 20’s got infected with HIV last year after something as seemingly harmless as sharing manicure equipment. This should come to you both as a warning and wake-up call especially to the ladies. Today you might be persuaded to think that HIV AIDs is no longer a threat but it is.


These manicures tools if shared with an infected person could be the ones to get you sick , so be careful

This young lady discovered her condition after more than 10 years. She volunteered for a blood donation and it showed a high viral load. The lady was more than certain that she did not get this infection through the common ways like sexual intercourse, needle sharing,etc. The only logical option then was that she got the disease from the mother, however the mother tested negative.

While the lady was still puzzled on how she came to meet this deadly disease she remembered that 10 years ago she shared manicure equipment with a cousin who was working in a salon at that time. After analyzing the two women’s samples, researchers discovered that viral generic material from both was related which confirmed the possibility that the infection was transmitted via their shared manicure tools.

This should serve as a reminder to all of us to be mindful of the equipment that we share with others with the risks of HIV and Hepatitis C in place. Dr Brian Foley, of the HIV Sequence Database at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, said the case should not make people scared of contact with people with the virus, as the risk of infection is very low.


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