Women Raising The Bar For Impressive Automotive Designs

Normally everything to do with cars is associated with men, in fact most vehicles are designed by men but as a matter of fact this gender disparity is fading away even if slowly as women take up the jobs. It is only a few clues that disprove a designer’s gender but the baseline remains that a good design transcends gender at all times.


The sporty red-hot Acura NSX horse

Today when you talk of the Sporty Acura NSX or the Honda minivan then you are talking of female car designers.

There are women designers who are talented hard working and can compete on the job market in best car companies. The fact that Acura chose Michelle Christensen as top person for the NSX’s exterior is evidence that women are finally making it at the upper echelons of automotive design.


Top view of Michelle’s excellent work of the Acura nsx

To some people it is still a marvel that such a hoarse macho car with its angular design and remarkable fast performance,the red-hot halo sports car was designed by a woman. It’s is no doubt that the future is promising for the women out there interested in automotive designing.


The glamorous interior of the Acura NSX

And however much the majority of exterior jobs go to men, there is still a vast majority of female car designers employed for the decorating-type jobs like selecting seat fabrics, choosing exterior colors, and in general overseeing the interior vicinity of a car.


Kia / Senior Thesis by Laura Michelle Jonason, the Only female designer on Concept Cars

With that said, women are still lacking in the automotive design schools putting them at a disadvantage in this particular car business.

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