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You Won’t Believe What Huddah Monroe’s Boyfriend Does For A Living

For some time several Kenyans and as well Ugandans wondered who Huddah Monroe is dating or did she have a bunch of sponsors they often pondered. Well, the big secret has been let loose finally, the socialite who was hosted on Kiss FM revealed that she has a boyfriend that currently plays football in the English Premier League.

Huddah Monroe shocked the presenters with the big reveal

Huddah Monroe shocked the presenters with the big reveal

She was quick to confirm that, it’s not Victor Wanyama a Kenyan star who recently signed with Tottenham Hotspurs, but she knows him on a friendly basis. The sad bit is that the young stunning lady didn’t reveal the footballer’s name. The hint was like a drop in the ocean, they so many players that play in the English league and the only way to zero down to a particular player is if we see her in the stands or posts something about it. Until then, it will be a needle in a haystack.

Recently, Huddah showed off pairs of the sold out Rihanna Puma Fenty’s which just left question marks in several people’s heads, ‘how in the world did she manage to get a pair yet the competition was stiff?’ Well, looks like the mystery has been solved, the boyfriend bought them for her.


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