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It’s A Word Battle As Rappers Take On The Mic

Through the years, Hip Hop music battles have been and are still a big thing when it comes to that industry. To many rappers, these battles teach them new skills where as to some, they act as a showcase for them because they get to show off their rapping talent.

Well, the Uganda Rap League (URL) a platform through which rapping battles are annually held is here and here to stay. Now in its second edition, rappers are going to tussle it out through live rap sessions and the winner will walk away with one million shillings courtesy of URL.

Luga flo rapper Oki Foever in partnership with Neal Kelley, founder of Raven Radio, the main forces behind this competition have selected 24 rappers and come Sunday the 14th of August, it will be show-time at the Centenary Park-Kampala-based Kay Club.


Some of the scenes of last year’s edition


“The auditions were done on WhatsApp where participants recorded and sent voice notes, there were over 60 rappers but I chose out the best 24. I called them at National Theatre for briefing. This event is going to be a knock out thing.” Forever told Chano8 in an exclusive interview.

“At first it will be 24 competitors who will be broken down to 12. On another day the 12 will be broken down to 6 and later to 3 where one good one among the 3 will take the one million. Revellers should expect something they have never seen before and some serious rap competitions and performances from Navio, St Nelly Sade, Keko, The Break Dance Cypher plus other upcoming Hip Hop artistes” He added.


One of the groups which won last year

Bear in mind that it is a free event and it will see different upcoming rappers show each other what it means by rap.

“There is going to be an cappella session, Judges will be doing their job and everyone should come through if you love rap and time is from 2PM to 8PM. He concluded.

Pictorial of the first edition last year

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