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“Yes, I Am A Feminist” – Singer Sheebah Declares Amidst Social Media Fights

Team No Sleep lead singer Sheebah Karungi has let the cat out finally. Through her Facebook official page, the singer reveals how she is a feminist although wants equal rights for both men and women.

Yes I am a feminist, No I don’t hate men, No I don’t think men are evil, No I don’t think all men are rapists, Yes I want equality for all genders, Yes am a feminist” She posted on her Facebook page in a poetic style.

The post was received with mixed feelings and reactions on social media as all sorts of comments flew in from her followers and fans. Some female fans were in full support of the singer while some were blaming her for misleading young women in the country who idolize her.

Sheebah’s poetic post on social media declaring she is a feminist.  

Many times, Sheebah has come off typical feminist and she does not deny that but also claims she desires equal rights and justice for both genders through her songs she sings.

In her latest song a collaboration with Carol Nantongo titled ‘Silwana‘, Sheebah clearly states that the rights of a Ugandan woman is a must and sounds so defensive of the matter. She even advises women to stand up and do what men actually do and also do the same to them.

However, music fans who don’t subscribe to the singer’s songs described the song of feminist nature and accuse Sheebah of advocating for females’ rights and at the same time suppressing those of men.

Some of the reactions and comments on the post

Some furthermore claim the singer’s feminist style is the reason why she has failed to find a man to settle with and get married to.

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