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Ykee Benda Brags About Spending Ug Shs 5 Million On Shopping

Ykee Benda has been on the music scene for three years now and in this period, he has managed to be relevant and consistent with a number of hits songs like ‘Eva’, ‘Farmer’, ‘Singa’, ‘Amina’ and ‘Superman’ among others.

He is holding his first concert this Friday at Kampala Serena Hotel with other extra concerts after. During an interview we had we him, he shocked us when he said that he spends Ug Shs 5 million on shopping and shops once in a month. He also added that what takes much of his money are shoes and that he can forego building a house to have the best sneakers of his choice.

These statements caused an uproar on social media with people saying he is extravagant, wasteful and unreal.

Shs 5 million might seem to much to some people but to others, it is little money especially basing on the fact that we have seen fashion designers like Abryanz advertise very expensive fashion attire on social media. For just a t shirt , faded jeans and one pair of sneakers, you will need Shs 2m to get them. So with Shs 5 million, Ykee might just get two pairs of shoes, two jeans and two t-shirts.

Ykee Benda spends Ug Shs 5 million on shopping

As others prefer shopping downtown, the ‘Singa’ singer prefers buying his things online from abroad and they don’t come cheap going by his celebrity status.

On the house, people have preferences. Someone can prefer to have a car much more than a house or even buy a Shs 5 million perfume.

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