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Ykee Benda Dreams Of A Mega Collabo With American Super Star Akon

  • Senegalese-American singer and rapper Akon is currently in Uganda for a business visit
  • Local artiste Ykee Benda has shown big interest in recording a collabo song with him
  • Benda described the song he would like to record with Akon as “African Banger”
  • In 2018, Ykee had also requested to record a collabo with American rapper Kanye West who was also on a visit in Uganda
  • His efforts to have the collabo with Kanye were futile

Every time a big international artiste comes in Uganda, there are always some local artistes who badly need a chance to record a collabo song with him or her.

The fact is, many have not been successful because of some reasons but despite that, local multitalented artiste Ykee Benda isn’t discouraged. He needs a collabo with Senegalese-American singer and rapper, Akon who is currently on a business visit in Uganda alongside his wife Tomeka Thiam.

The “Lonely” hit singer retuned to Uganda last week on Friday and since then, he has been one of the top trending topics on social media, especially after meeting the president of Uganda for a business talk following his arrival

Benda took to his official Twitter account to pen down his request of getting an opportunity to record what he described as a ‘big African Banger’ with Akon

“Please let Akon know I would love to do a big African Banger with him before he builds that city….He’s one the biggest reasons am doing this music man.” Read Benda’s tweet

Benda’s tweet was met with some positive and encouraging replies from Twitter users like a from a one Nash Ami who said “I wish God can answer your prayers bambi i love you so much ykeeBenda and your music”

Kindly read his twit and see how to help this Ugandan artist. He’s got beautiful music, beautiful melodies!” said JB Muhairwe.

It must remembered that even when American rapper Kanye West came to Uganda in October 2018, Ykee Benda asked him for a collabo but we never saw them hitting studio to record one. We can only hope Akon does it for him this time round


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