Ykee Benda Shares His Experience About Battle With Covid As Singer Advises Fans To Stay Home And Vigilant

Going by the information he tweeted on his official 252.7K followers Twitter account, singer Ykee Benda has from Tuesday last week been battling the deadly Covid19.

He revealed how on top of the sleepless nights it made him go through, the disease caused him several headaches, fevers and a lot of discomfort.

The good news is that he is “pulling through” and this gave him too much reason to open up about it for the fans to know.

I have been hit by this virus since Tuesday last week…The headaches the joints,discomfort ,the sleepless nights,the fevers. Terrible!! But am not here to continue to scare you.I am here to give you hope…I am finally pulling through hence why I have chosen to share. Read Ykee’s tweet

The “Maradona” singer also had a message to the doubting Thomases talking this whole Coronavirus thing for a joke. He said that God saw him through and asked people to stay “home and be vigilant”

“For those of you still taking this lightly. I hope you don’t regret that choice. God came through for me the story could have been different but I here i am thanksgiving . Pliz stay home and be vigilant” Benda added

Although some Twitter users didn’t believe him, others showered him with quick recovery messages like the Chief Political Commissar Uganda Police Asan Kasingye who said “I pray total healing for you my most talented son. The first healing for #Covid19 is not to panic. You tell it, “I don’t fear you coward”. This invaluably strengths your healing process”

Meanwhile, the Covid19 cases are increasing every passing day but we also take this platform to say RIP to those who have succumbed to this deadly disease.


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