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“You Are Killing Our Music Industry”-Suudi Man Attacks Bryan White


City Music promoter Suudi Man has come out all guns blazing and attacked the self-proclaimed city tycoon Bryan White. While speaking to online media platforms, Suudi claims that Bryan has continuously used the petty money to lure certain musicians for his selfish reasons. He claims that it is cheap Musicians seen following Bryan White where he goes because of the little money he gives them.

“It’s sad what bryan White is doing. To the entertainment industry in Uganda Not even the richest man in Nigeria (aliko dangote) Can tell Davido Wizkid and Don JAzzy. To start wearing IDs & uniforms. Aliko Dangote has invested millions of dollars in Nigeria entertainment industry. Mr. Brian White what you are doing is a total disrespect to the Uganda entertainment industry,” stated events promoter Suudi Lukwago.

Suudi Man also gave an example of the richest mogul on the African continent, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote who is so influential with the country’s celebrities but will do nothing annoying with his intentions of abusing their industry thus calling upon Bryan White to act his age and leave the entertainment industry to stand independently.

The pencil sized tycoon Bryan decided to sign up a few influential celebrities that would be key in realizing his cause like Jose Chameleone, Weasel, Big Eye, Weasel, DJ Micheal, comedians Mad Rat and Chicko to mention but according to Suudi, Bryan White is exploiting the musicians through persuading them for petty cash something that is injuring the entire image of the entertainment industry.

The CEO Bryan White Foundation who last year declared his intentions to uplift Ugandans from poverty is embarking on several developmental projects aimed at upping the sorry standards of living of nationals through his inspirational source of wealth that up to now is still unknown

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