‘You Should Not Trust Bobi Wine’-Buchaman Warns Kyadondo East

Barely two weeks since he was elected into power, Bobi Wine has started working by spearheading the new construction on a borehole in one of the villages but his former colleague and ounce vice president of the Fire Base Crew Buchaman believes his former boss is just playing nice and that the people of Kyadondo East should not trust him because he has his own intentions.  

“You shouldn’t trust him or expect a lot from Bobi Wine. He is doing everything for money,” Buchaman said.

Buchaman warns Kyadondo East constituency again not to trust Bobi Wine

The feud between the two had taken long to escalate but it was sparked off when Buchaman supported FDC’s Kantinti in the just concluded Kyadondo East Member of Parliament by elections that Bobi Wine won.

A few years back, he also crossed and went to Bebe Cool’s camp during the battle between the two music giants and this was so disrespectful to Bobi in that he said some harsh words. “How can you choose Satan over God,” was what he said.

For more than five years, Buchaman was Bobi’s right hand man until they separated badly.

From that time, Buchaman went into hibernation and so did his music career and last we heard of him was that he was signed to Sipapa’s music group.


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