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You Won’t Believe The Inspiration Behind Sheebah’s Tunywe Song

Having released the video of her Tunywe song recently we caught with Sheebah Karungi to find the inspiration behind the song.

In an exclusive interview the singer revealed to us that, ‘Life is too short, you could alive today, you could be dead in 15 minutes but you just never know.’

She also went on to say that ‘it’s good to hustle hard and have some fun with your money, it’s okay as long as you’re responsible.’

If that wasn’t enough she goes to say that she is a fun person, ‘Life is not supposed to be sad with Sheebah Karungi but rather fun. So let’s drink and make cheers to life.

Sheebah on set of her new song

Sheebah on set of her tunywe song

When we got down to the nitty gritty of concept development for most of her video shoots, the artiste whose career is skyrocketing said that she is always involved 100% in the concept of the video because she always knows what she wants, ‘so I seat down with my manager and videographer and punch on ideas to bring out something simple and nice.’

The Team No Sleep singer was also quick to turn down upcoming videographers because she can’t give chances to videographers who aren’t talented because her fans always expect the best from her.

Have a look at the exclusive interview below.

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