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You Won’t Believe What Mary Luswata Thinks of The Ugandan Music Industry

Mary Luswata’s Sqoop on Sqoop program has become popular because of the no holds barred approach to presenting gossip. It is one of the most watched local programs despite it lasting for 5 minutes only. She has won a big number of fans as well as enemies because of that. Recently chano8 caught up with the gossip queen and she shared her view of the music and entertainment industry.

The industry is growing so fast and is influenced by so many factors like Uganda getting international recognition more than ever. People need to grow with the industry because you can’t relate with international musicians while thinking small. The industry has reached a stage where by those who can’t keep up with it are going to fall off regardless of how many years they have been in the industry.

Mary Luswata shares her views

Mary Luswata shares her views

This is both a good and a bad thing because some of our favorite musicians might end up disappearing not that they are not talented, but they can’t keep up. This will end up leaving behind the fine artistes who are more competitive.

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