Young Congolese-Born Music Duo Brotherz Muzik  Impress With Luganda Song  ‘Tomoni’

Two young Congolese-born artistes based here in Uganda are fast finding their feet on the Ugandan Music scene after releasing yet another eye-catching video for their latest project ‘Tomomi’.

The song produced by Boltmar and Artin PRO showcases the versatility of the singers, who seem to be comfortable with luganda a second language to them after adjusting from their original lingala and French languages they started with back home in DR Congo.

The song titled ‘Tomori’ Luganda word loosely translated as ‘too much’ is basically a love song praising a girl they are in love with and in their own words describe it as something intense or too much.

The fact that the boys just recently settled in Uganda and can sing in Luganda with this fluidity makes it even more impressive. Their vocal ranges; just like most Congolese artists, is broad and comes naturally.

The video directed by HeightMontage although simple is well shot and edited with clean, clear camera work, and basic editing is straightforward to the point. Most of the scenes are on the shores of Lake Victoria and the indoor shots are probably in the hotel room they were residing at.

The soft smooth dance movements are complimented by the one video vixen whose core responsibility is just to smile with gentle slow movements.


The Brotherz Muzik duo comprises two blood brothers Gérard Chishugi and Gaston Chishugi born from Goma in the DR Congo. They fell in love with music at an early age when their Dad who was then a leader of all choirs in Goma introduced them to different kinds of church music.

It all started when their dad would take them to different places to watch choirs, bands and other music groups perform which increased their interest and hence completely falling in love with music.

While in Primary school, the young boys then decided to join their local church choir unfortunately when they reached secondary, they didn’t have much time for the choir practice which forced them to then start singing as a duo dubbed Les Deux Frères (The Two Brothers ).

Soon then they started receiving invitations from different schools to perform for students and then it picked so first which became the beginning of the journey to their music career which they took seriously.

Due to some family issues, they decided to move to Uganda from DR Congo where everything was new as they fitted in the new environment and started meeting new people.

Because of the different backgrounds coming from a French-speaking country to an English country, everything went back to zero and the duo Les Deux Frères was not known anywhere.

They then joined a music band near their home called Ujamaa Family Music band where they were known as ‘The Brotherz’.

Ujamaa Family Band, unfortunately, moved to Kenya while Gérard and Gaston remained in Uganda because they had fallen in love with the country until 2015 when they officially kicked off their music career with the release of the song ‘Wanjua’. Like is said, the rest is history.

You can watch the video below;


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