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Yung Mulo In Trouble As Chameleone Allegedly Threatens To Discipline Him Over ‘Skit’

Photo By Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Do you remember the tight friendship Dancehall artiste Yung Mulo and Jose Chameleone had some years back?Whatever happened to their friendship can only be told by the two but all we know is that Chamili as he sometimes calls himself is no longer a tight buddy to Yung Mulo.

If you remember well, on the day self proclaimed money bag Bryan White took Ug Shs 25 million to help cater for the late Radio’s medical bills at Case Clinic, a video of what seemed like Jose Chameleone stealing money from Bryan White made its way on social media and the public began circulating rumours how Chameleone is a thief although Bryan later rubbished the allegations saying that he had personally handed that money to Chameleone.

Over the weekend last, Yung Mulo shared a skit of himself himself in which he was acting as Bryan White with Ug Shs 1000 bundles but the most rib cracking part in the skit is when a dude whom Mulo chose to act as Chameleone picks some notes and pockets them off one of the 1K bundles that Yung Mulo had put aside.

Mulo could have acted the skit to revive his music career but little did he expect that it was going to land him in serious trouble with the ‘Wale Wale’ singer whom we were told is allegedly on a hunt for Yung Mulo. Our reliable source told Chano8 Chameleone’s intention is to discipline Young Mulo for disrespecting him.

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Chameleone was offended enough when people criticised him, claiming that he had stolen from Brian White and therefore Yung Mulo’s attempt to act the skit hitting at Chameleone is a way of undermining him.

Our source further told Chano8 that Chameleone wants to by Crook or hook land his hands on Yung Mulo although his efforts are currently futile.   

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