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Yung Mulo Throws Jibes At Chameleone And Spice Diana In A Humorous Skit

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

From the time self proclaimed tycoon Brian White real names Brian Kirumira emerged on the showbiz scene, he has been the talk in the media for the way he spends his cash. He is one who will give you his money but he will make sure that he is in front of the camera.

Forgotten Dancehall artiste Yung Mulo cracked his social media followers when he shared a video of himself acting like Brian White the money bag.

The video sees him arriving on a boda boda alongside his body guard who is the rider at that in what seems like a community with needy people who need help. The people get excited to see him with a bag which they think is full of bundles of cash but to our surprise he pulls a bundle of Ug Shs 1000 notes.

 He is given a seat but before sitting, he says hallo to two guys who are acting as artistes Chameleone and Dj Michael. (If you remember well, socialite Brian White was in company of Jose Chameleone and Dj Michael on the day he went to hand over Ug Shs 25,000,000 to the late Mowzey Radio’s family when he was bed ridden at Case Clinic.)

Mulo later begins asking the needy to tell him their problems while handing each one a 1,000 shillings note. More people come and among them was a girl who acted as Spice Diana. She cracks us when she asked Mulo for money to buy skimpy cloths. Mulo insists saying she is young and needs to go to school. She replies how she is done with school but she also pulls the Spice Diana stunt of mentioning confusing points when Mulo asked her how she performed at S6.

The most cracking part is when a dude acting as Chameleone in the video picks some notes without Mulo’s consent and then pretends to chase away people to stop crowding near Yung Mulo

Watch the video here.   

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